Welcome to the MageShop! Willkommen im MageShop!


Dear Community,

we (Jan and Fabian) are both part of the magento community. Jan is doing project management stuff and Fabian is a magento developer. We love this community and giving our best to develop it. For a long time, we want to offer great community shirts as a side project. We started a while ago with the Marius shirt (thanks to David Manners for it). But we want more.

You have lots and lots of great T-Shirt ideas and we want them all. We don't earn much money with the community shirts and unfortunately introducing a partner program costs a lot of money and time and we think it is neither in your nor in our interest to raise the costs. Ikonoshirt is simplicity, so here is the simple deal:

We trade a cool shirt idea for a 15€ coupon

What we offer: If you have a cool shirt idea, please send us an email. If we like the idea too, we typeset it and put it in the store. As soon as we sell a single one, we send you a coupon code to buy anything in our community store.

And we will credit you on the product detail page and link to your twitter and/or github profile.